WhatRoute for Mac Free Download

WhatRoute Free Download is a software for MAC which allows you to observe your internet traffic and also enables you to execute chime, suggestions, inquiry and other such queries? It is a straightforward application for MAC OS which delivers a graphical user interface for numerous functions design to help you and analyze or monitor internet traffic. , mostly software’s use commands by what route allows you to use them without having to deal to deal with such commands. The suggestion, chime, query, finger, address scan, ports can and autonomous system are activated by what route it means that it’s so bright.

WhatRoute for Mac Free Download

WhatRoute for Mac Free Download

The what route application is also using some particular function’s like (maxing geolight city IP GEOLOCATION DATABASE) to create a graphic illustration for various purpose. If your MAC has the Google earth application installed, you can relocation the what route upshots in instruction to view them on a higher resolution. In an outer layer, what route is an excellent choice if you want to perform traffic analysis inquiry without having to use the command line. The useful offers is a clean a systemized interface and allow you to trigger the various type of queries for any host or IP address you want.

WhatRoute for Mac Free Download

WhatRoute for Mac Free Download

Employed with what route is relatively natural because the main window of apps can Easly access most of its functions, the main window is consist of a small bar at the place of the right top. Where you must have input the name or IP address of the terminus host. The next step is to select the query type that you want to perform from the drop-down menu placed on the right side of the address bar, then what route application will display the result in the bottom area of the main window. Please note that, depending on the query that you want to launch the what route provides you the different customization functions.


  • The what route also offers the network and even glance at ping, WHOIS, DNS and land checking functions
  • A geolocation server is interrogated, and the position of the hosts exposed in a proposal or watch active on the LAN can be designed on a low-resolution map or observed in a high resolution on Google earth.
  • It can discover the ASN with which a network is registered with which its nobles.
  • It can watch network flow.

What’s new?

  • This version is new.
  • Now allows you to save/save as……. commands (put out of action during swift four upgrades)


  • Intel processor
  • OS X present or later


  • It is excellent in all in one tool, e.g., WHOIS, TRACE, ADDRESS SCAN, etc.
  • There is a small uninstall applet that will delete the old settings.
  • This is flashback app.
  • It’s soo easy application that any user can use it without any hesitation.


  • All links dead, equally on the original website.
  • It has some crashes problems
  • It’s not as stable as user want.
  • Some problem with the tools, some time ping and traces both fail.

WhatRoute for Mac Free Download is here:

Download for macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later – WhatRoute 2.x.x 
Download for OS X 10.6 to OS X 10.9 – WhatRoute 1.13.x 

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