Safari for Mac Free Download

Safari for Mac Free Download make a browser which names are safari that originates with macOS sierra, safari proves it self-more quicker and more vitality competent than other web browsers. The sites which reach by safari are responded very well than any different browser.So websites are more approachable, and your mac battery keeps on longer between charges, the privacy features which are built in are stronger than ever .it can work with I cloud to let you browse effortlessly across all your devices, and it gives you a great way to find and shares your favorite contents. And also offers you to put it all together and we sure that no other web browser provides such an ironic web experience.

Safari for Mac Free Download

Safari for Mac Free Download

Safari for Mac Download arises install on all Apple computers so you should not need to fix it, to ensure that it’s up to date use the software update feature by clicking the apple logo in the highest left top of screen and choosing the software update and then follow the instructions, apple make safari not only for mac instead it is also for iPad, iPod, and iPhone with OX is s default app and can not  be removed

Safari for Mac Free Download


  • The Bookmarking links for particular pages as web clip icon on the home screen.
  • MDI style browsing.
  • It can open specially design pages in full-screen mode
  • It allows you to save images into the photo album by pressing it three seconds longer
  • It can support for HTML five new input types

Safari for Mac Free Download

What’s new

  • Security fixes
  • Its available for OS X EI Capitan, Mac OS sierra, and Mac OS high sierra
  • Visiting a malicious website may lead to address bar spoofing
  • A contentious user interface issue was resolved with improve state management
  • Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution


  • Intel processor
  • New Mac OS or later
  • Update for original is only available through the software update via the mac app store


  • Privacy improvement
  • Its free
  • Easy to understand
  • User friendly


  • Sometimes when users load any page, and blue loading line is going to complete than suddenly a message shows that there is a  problem to loading this page on the other hand chrome can access the same website on the same time
  • It has stuck problem eventually it may be stopped than you can do anything(close background apps, hard set your system but these tricks doesn’t work)
  • Bug problem

Safari for Mac Free Download is here:


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