Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Crack + Keygen Free Download [Win Mac]

Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Crack is a free and excellent interior-design application. Sometimes, you get bored of seeing the old settings of your household items. You want to give them a new style. Therefore, for this purpose, you have to change the place of a different object from that place where they have placed.

Now you don’t know which thing is which of sized and this can either be put there or not how will it look like there. So don’t get worried about this because Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 is bringing something like that which helps you to manage or restyle your household items. This application allows virtual settings of your house.

Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Crack + Keygen Free Download [Win Mac]

Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Crack + Keygen Free Download [Win Mac]

Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Crack Free Download [Win Mac]

Firstly arrange your objects in your way within this application and secondly do that actually which you have done in the form. You will also be able to design an indoor environment very accurately thanks to the system of measurement which is integrated within the Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2.

Creating a circular or straightforward room is very simple as dragging a pair of lines, on a plane because the program will produce a 3D model of it automatically. You can also create a window or door on a particular wall, to overcome the availability of spaces, via Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Crack. Finally,  the gallery of an object is vast, and you can add new ones.

Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Keygen Free Download [Win Mac]

In brief, we can say that that Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Keygen is a multiplatform program that allows you to create 3D plans for your house either for decorative or professional planning purposes, quickly and easily. Draw your rooms of each level concerned to your home.

You can change the colour or texture of each room, and drag and drop furniture onto the plan. All the changes are made in 2 D plan, but the preview is in a 3D plane, which is the best thing in this application. Now lets you create your own home with your ease.

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  • Via your mouse or keyboard, you can draw straight, the round or sloping wall with accurate dimensions.
  • You can add furniture suited to your plan. There are different categories of furniture as for kitchen, living room, bedroom etc.
  • You can build up your home in a 2D way, but you can also see this in the 3D way to look at the decorations and constructions, of your, virtually build up home, from all angles.
  • You can create photorealistic images and videos. Which can customise the lights and straight photo effect?
  • Through this app, you can import home blueprints to draw wall upon it.
  • Within the application, you can change the texture, colour, size, and orientation of furniture, wall, floor, and ceiling
  • Print and export bitmap, PDFs, or images graphed in vectors, and 3D files in standard file formats.
  • Capable of multiple languages.

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What’s new at Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2:

  • Fixed the bug that checked to export to CSV format.
  • This latest version fixed the size of furniture subgroups when their parent group is resized.
  • Fixed the problem of a wrongly computed threshold of doors which has the size more significant than that of a room.
  • Improved printed performance.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements are made

Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2 Keygen:




System Requirements for Sweet Home 3D 6.1.2

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Any Version of Mac OS


  • With multiple screen view, you can place your objects where you need.
  • It is the elementary program and easy to use.
  • Best suited for simple interior designs.


  • Exterior design tools are minimal.
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