OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack Key High Sierra Free Download

OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack Free Download is the app for simplifying your Mac or OS maintenance. Get access to hidden Mac features via Onyx. When you run OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack for the first time it will ask you to verify the structure of your Mac’s startup disk. The best thing about this app is the free utilities for maintenance, customization, personalization, and optimization of your Mac OS X.

OnyX for Mac Crack Key Free Download

OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack Key High Sierra Free Download

It is capable to run various types of tasks of system maintenance and performance. It also enables you to quickly find and tweak many hidden parameters of Dock, Dashboard, Safari, Expose, Disk Utility and Finder. You can optimize your Mac only for just a few minutes with OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack. You are not able to optimize many aspects to your daily computer usage,  making more and more efficient the way you work certain things and increase your productivity, but also it makes your system faster and enables it to run on your laptop if you prefer to use it. OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack has many affectionate and popular options some of these are without a doubt ability to display logs, Crashreporter reports, countless hidden parameters of the system and, removal or unused and large files and directories.

OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack Key High Sierra

The best thing about this app is that all of the functions which are assigned to this app are accessible via the highly-instinctive interface that features eight main tabs filled with countless OS tweaks which are given below.

  • Verify
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Utilities
  • Automation
  • Parameters
  • Log
  • Info

One of the above functions of Onyx knows as Parameters section is significant and useful because it enables you to tweak core functions and services of many of essential Mac OS X apps that everyone uses countless times every day. With all this power at the tip of your fingers, OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack undoubtedly represents the best possible way to control your system from the tasks, which are easily perceived or understood, to deeply hidden options that were before accessible only to professionals. For that people app also offers an access to powerful command lines that can be used to run scripts and automated commands.



  • Provides info about your Mac
  • Log button provides a time-based log that shows every action performed on OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack.
  • It makes the maintenance of your system better than ever. Maintenance button within the app provides Access to everyday maintenance tasks, such as verification of Mac’s startup drive, running scripts and repairing file permissions.
  • It also cleans the cache files, which sometimes become corrupt and unusually large, your system to keep the performance better.
  • Within the app, automation is a handy feature that lets you automate routine tasks you may use OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack for.
  • It provides the best access to the hidden apps that are already present on your Mac. You can access the terminal’s manual pages without having to open the terminal app.
  • It can also give you access to many hidden features of your system as well as individual apps.

OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack Key High Sierra Free Download

What’s new

In this latest version, some improvements have been done.

  • Bug fixed that occurred when searching for an update.
  • Deleted some out of dated options.
  • Restart the routine modified.

OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Key:



Requirements OnyX 3.5.2 for Mac Crack:

  • Intel 64-bit processor
  • Mac OS 10.13.x


  • Simple and easy access to Mac’s hidden features
  • Straightforward interface to use.
  • Convenient help files tied to each page of Onyx


  • Only a single automation process supported.
  • Always ask you to verify your startup drive.

OnyX for Mac Free Download is here:

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