Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac Free Download [Latest Version]

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Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac Free Download [Latest Version]

Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac Free Download [Latest Version]

Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac is a fast, mild as well as neat open-source web browser. It has regularly featured in the best three hottest browsers globally. The primary key attributes that have made Firefox Mac very popular are the simple and robust security capabilities, browser speed, and useful UI. The web browser is especially popular with designers because of its open-source development as well as its active community of advanced users.

The Mozilla Firefox browser (Firefox) is a free, open-source browser for platforms including Windows, Linux, and MacOS X. The browser is small and fast in Firefox and has some other advanced features. Make Internet browsing faster; you can prohibit pop-up windows; custom toolbars; expand management; improve search features; and simple and easy sidebar. This version has been revived. The code is new; the function is more powerful and has been enhanced, including the installation software, configuration, and download manager. The official installer of Mozilla Firefox helps you to install the Firefox software quickly, and the brand-new migration program will automatically import your preferences, saved passwords, other settings, and other data from IE and other browsers so you can play about on the internet instantly.

Mozilla Firefox for Mac Free Download Latest Version

Smoothly surfing, Firefox with a new engine, if you’re opening 10 or 1000 tabs, gets better when you turn. In a few minutes, you can switch from Chrome to Firefox, and it’s quick, risk-free, and straightforward to move to Firefox. Firefox will help you automatically import bookmarks, auto-filled forms, passwords, and preferences into Chrome. Additional tracking security features include an efficient private browsing mode. When you’re online, Firefox will block the tracker, which will immediately clear the browser history after the browser.

Some ads have trackers that track your footprint on the site. But our reliable tools have to detect thousands of miles away from those trackers. The page load speed was 44 percent faster after blocking advertisements and scripts that slowed down the Internet. On the Mac platform, Firefox primarily enhances user-friendliness, speeds up tab switching, and provides several alternatives to WebGL performance preferences in devices with multiple graphics cards, enabling non-performance-critical applications and applets to request integrated GPUs rather than a separate Graphics Card.

Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac Free Download [Latest Version]

Much easier Browsing

Mozilla Firefox for Mac of a lot of materials to develop a relaxed but highly efficient UI aimed at making browsing more comfortable and quicker. You will find bookmarking, refresh buttons, and accounts. To the right of the URL, box is a search box that enables you to personalize your search engine options. Outside of a view button controls everything you see below the URL. Alongside that, you have the download history as well as household buttons.

Firefox Mac’s Latest Version remains speedy when other browsers start to be sluggish. Much more private compared to Chrome. Firefox respects your privacy by reducing suggestive pop-ups. Tabbed browsing, developer tools, extensions — Firefox Mac’s Latest Version has it all, providing you with the capability to explore, modify, and make like never previously.

Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac Free Download [Latest Version]

Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac [Latest Version]

On all supported platforms, Mozilla Firefox removes the Open in Sidebar function, adds an option in about: preferences to never check for updates, and fixes a bug where the address bar automatically fills in and adds bookmark URLs. Another exciting improvement of Firefox is to prevent FTP sub-resources on HTTP and HTTPS to improve user security. Also, Mozilla Firefox upgrades WebExtensions, allowing management and hiding of tab pages. In other respects, this version can more easily install the OpenSearch plug-in through the Page Actions menu, migrate the personalized user home page to a preference called “Home,” and provide a new drop-down menu for the Developer Tools Network panel, allowing bandwidth-limiting.

In Mozilla Firefox for Mac, Mozilla has also added some brand new features: including the previously promised IndexedDB exchange, and the explicit control of whether a web page should be reloaded. This feature has been deployed through the Responsive Design Mode. Firefox will become Mozilla’s next ESR (Extended Support Version) branch, replacing the current Firefox ESR series, which means that this version will deprecate the old version of the accessory component. Firefox ESR will be discontinued on August 28, 2018.

What is New in Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac?

  • Functionality improvements
  • Loading pages more quickly by changing how Firefox caches and retrieves JavaScript
  • Improvements to Firefox Screenshots:
  • Copy and paste screenshots straight to the clipboard of yours
  • Firefox Screenshots today operates in Private Browsing mode
  • Additional Nepali (one NP) locale


  • Different protection fixes


  • Firefox Mac isn’t supported in earlier versions of Firefox Mac Free.
  • Users who downgrade to a previous edition must make an innovative profile for that edition.
  • Find out about alternatives to downgrading on the support site of ours.
  • Included a warning to alert owners as well as website owners of planned security modifications to sites.


  • Implemented the Performance.
  • NavigationTiming API Added.
  • PerformanceResourceTiming.
  • workers start simply websites can gauge service worker startup time.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or even later

Mozilla Firefox 122.0.1 for Mac

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