Audacity for Mac 2.1.2 Free Download

Audacity for Mac 2.1.2 Free Download is a tool for recording and editing the audios. With this auspicious application you will be able to add effects to your music, record live, mix sound ,process podcasts ,import and export WAV ,AIFF, and mp3 files and  more ,using cut ,copy and paste with unlimited undo ,it also has a built-in amplitude envelop editor , you will enjoy  a lot of features  you will discover on the way.

Audacity for Mac 2.1.2 Free Download

Audacity Download Free may seem a too complicated application when you read information about it, but this tool is soo easier than your imaginations when you use it due to its clean and natural format.The formats supported by this software is MP3, AIFF, Wave, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, and Au for both input and output.

Audacity for Mac 2.1.2 Free Download

There is a long list of effects which audacity Free Download add into your audio to make it memorable, some of these results are mentions in above paragraph, and remaining impact are following such as mixing tracks and adjust noise processing, bass equalization, high and low pass filters, echo, phase filter and so on.It also has the echo, change tempo and removable noise effects. You can expand the capabilities of Audacity Free MAC since it supports plugin .these are the most advanced effects.


  • It can records live audio through microphone and mixer or digitize recording from other media
  • Device Toolbar manages multiple disks and playback devices.
  • Level meter can control the volume during and after the recording, and clipping can be displayed in the waveform and label track.
  • It Records multiple channels at once.
  • It Records very low latencies on supported devices on Linux by using audacity MAC Free with jack.
  • Time record and sound activated recording feature.
  • Record from mic or input USB/ Firewire devices and others.
  • Create wave or AIFF files suitable for burning the  Audio CD.
  • Export MP3 files and Import MPEG audio include mp2 and mp3 audio using the limb.

Audacity for Mac 2.1.2 Free Download


  • Intel processor

Whats New

  • Four selectable themes provided with new light idea as default
  • including the option to customize
  • Many menu changes
  • Extended menu bar provided
  • Menus reorganized
  • New keyboard commands for working clips
  • Stem plots
  • Center option in selection toolbar
  • Playback of MIDI files imported into note tracks is now available
  • Help button in preference effects, generator and analyzer and different places
  • Append record is now the default(use shift plus history for old behavior to record a new audio track
  • The ESC key is now canceled; it also chooses among overlapping mouse click target which is especially useful in the multitool
  • Sync lock button removed
  • New preferences and preferences pages
  • New logo


  • It will record any media which you play on your mac
  • It is a beat finder
  • Click and noise remover
  • It is a user-friendly
  • Open source with mac
  • Multi-track capabilities, lots of effects, even more, optional plugin
  • Effects
  • The best pros are this is free.


  • Some operations are not very natural
  • Effects result very
  • Crashes problems
  • the recording from the web is not even always possible.
  • It has many limitations.

Audacity for Mac 2.1.2 Free Download is here:

for windows 


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