Tor Browser Bundle For Mac 8.0.3 Free Download


Tor Browser Bundle for Mac 8.0.3

Tor Browser for Mac 7.0.9 Free Download

Tor Browser Bundle For Mac is a version of Mozilla Firefox, a well-known browser, that has been modified by the Tor project which wants to enhance the security and privacy.  In the present time, a considerable amount of people is using a different kind of browser for browsing and downloading various types of data which they need complete their work. In a market, a large number of browsers are present to meet people requirement Tor browser bundle is the updated ( Sep 26, 2017) browser which allows people to communicate to each other and let people and groups to take their privacy and security to a new and evolved level. Because of the presence of built-up tool you can build a new way to communicate others which is helpful for you. It also allows us to spread our view and deliver any of our ideas to other at social media without disturbing your privacy. It is mostly used to surf the internet in search of data. With the help of Tor routers, it is impossible for someone to find you because it is virtual.

Tor Browser for Mac Free Download

Most people need some fast browsers due to a lake of time it is suitable for them to use this software. This a perfect way to cover your lost time with quick surf and excellent privacy. Sure students used it and found it useful. Tor project is trying best to make more of it and help people in there work. This software is also available at play store for android systems to help people at there mobiles too.  So now you can surf on mobile too with safety and good speed. You can also connect both your Mac and mobile by signing in your google account easily.


. You can browse almost everything with super fast speed.

  • It also has incognito tabs, which allows you to search anything keeping it in your privacy.

. You can use this application in the different language. The language which you understand in the better manner, make it as your default language for this.

  • . This is  free  of all malware
  • . Has an ability of scan each topic for possible result
  • . Application is  safer than another application
  • . Licensed already.
  • . TBug 23949: Fix donation banner display
  • . Update local list with translated banner
  • Free to download. Browse all the necessary things with ease.

System Requirements

No special requirements. OS Support Win7 x64, WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win8 x32, Win8 x64, Win10 x32, Win10 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10,. Download Info. Size: 42Mb.

What’s new

It is set up to run Firefox (64bit) with ‘Attack Surface Reduction’ enabled. In short, the browser screen presence is reduced in size


  • . Latest way to browse
  • . Free of Virus, Spyware, Bundle, Adware
  • .It is important to step for browsing with safety
  • . It fixes bug report by showing donation bar
  • . Self-updating is available
  • . Easy to install
  • . User’s friendly


  • . Must be connected to Twitter to use it
  • . A lot of ads occurs during specific online installation
  • . Particular old PC is unable to install it
  • . It works on 64-bit Mac, not for 84-bit

Screen Shot:Tor Browser Bundle for Mac 8.0.3 Free Download


 Download here

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